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Welcome to   Litigation Information Services


Our Services Include

  • Litigation Monitoring & Analysis
  • Litigation Consulting
  • Litigation Second Opinions
  • Settlement Evaluation
  • Litigation Post-Mortems
  • Legal Malpractice Analysis
  • Continuing Legal Education

New Publications

  Our latest publications are offered as e-books for the Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook as well as other e-readers.

  • The Civilian's Guide to Lawyers -- How to Hire a Lawyer: The first of three volumes to assist clients to hire, manage, and fire a lawyer or, if they cannot find an affordable, cost-effective lawyer, to represent themselves.  (Vol. 1 $9.90; 44,000 words)  (Vol. 2: How to Fire a Lawyer; Vol. 3: How to Live Without a Lawyer coming soon)

Coming Soon

   Look for our new online continuing legal education (CLE) products with the LitWatch edge.  Contact us for information:

   Tired of attending the same old boring continuing legal education seminars, peddling the same misguided, stale conventional wisdom?  LitWatch is coming to your rescue.  LitWatch is developing fresh, cost-effective, and useful online CLE content.  LitWatch is independent from the usual CLE suspects, with their droning panels and tired old topics.  (Nor is LitWatch subject to the same conflict of interest of the bar organizations offering their own seminars and regulating their competition.)

   LitWatch is building interesting, timely online seminars from the ground up.  Our core subjects will include litigation practice, current litigation subjects, ethics, and legal malpractice.
Need CLE content? LitWatch provides unique and timely CLE content for conferences, in-house, bar organizations, and others.  Joint ventures and other arrangements are welcome.
Have a good idea for a CLE? Send us your topic ideas.  Be as specific as possible.  And let us know whether you want to be further involved.
Want to present a LitWatch CLE? Become a CLE star.  Contact us if you are interested in presenting CLE materials online, through LitWatch or an affiliate.  Presenters in the Washington, DC, area are preferred.



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